TIFFY TEMPLATE: NOW, NO CHEATING THE VISUALLY IMPAIRED! by The Masters Touch Trust | Fueladream | Crowdfunding India

Smart money? Not for the visually impaired Almost all Indian currency notes are the same width, making it a nightmare for visually impaired to differentiate between them. Each note is supposed to have a marking that denotes the specific denomination for the visually impaired. However, these markings tend to fade out over time due to wear and tear, making it an inefficient method of by which identify the notes. How can we make Tiffy’s life easier? For the many visually impaired, worries about

Bend it like Gulafsha! Football star from Dharavi to mentor girls from Mumbai slums. by Gulafsha Ansari | Fueladream | Crowdfunding India

My Name is Gulafsha Ansari and I grew up in Dharavi , Mumbai. I grew up in the slums of Dharavi . My Dad used to sell bags at the posh & upmarket Hanging gardens area at Walkeshwar -a locality in south of Mumbai. When you live in slums, there are endless troubles that one has to go through and from a very young age I learnt to manage with limited resources. My family of 6 used to live in a 170 Sq ft room. I began playing football as a 9-year-old and I loved the game from day one! I was also qu

The Inside Story: The SATIN SHORTS people! by Kisses By Candlelight | Fueladream | Crowdfunding India

As much as we hate to admit, we come from a time and era of bottom heavy women, tummy heavy men and enough thigh fat to circle the world twice. While we’d all like to work on that, let’s leave that for another day (or lifetime perhaps?)! Right now, we’d like to help you (and us, honestly) be comfortable in your own skin! Intrigued, Read on! Our lightweight premium satin shorts, a first in India, are unisex, designed for comfort & meant to be worn anywhere. Let’s break the confines of the briefs

SPERO! No pedalling, charge-and-go Electric Bike! by Milltex Engineers Pvt Ltd | Fueladream | Crowdfunding India

The SPERO E-Bike ….the new E-Kid on the block! Our new, cool, funky electric bicycle takes the exertion out of riding a bicycle. It’s an urban commute vehicle, not only does it leave a zero carbon footprint, save you on big fuel costs, but will also ease the congestion on the roads in big cities • E-30 – Has a range of 30 kms on a single charge • E-60 – Has a range of 60 kms on a single charge • E-100 – Has a range of 100 kms on a single charge • Gears: Comes with 5 speed digital gears in the e

Cyclists for change by IIMPACT | Fueladream | Crowdfunding India

Passion, determination and innovation come together for a good cause When cyclists Prisiliya Madan (22 years) and Sumeet Paringe (26 years) met the makers of Godrej’s sustainable bamboo-framed bikes, an idea was born- why not go on a journey on these very bikes across the length of the nation? And it would be no ordinary journey – during the ride, they would raise awareness and support for the girl child education in India. A cause close to their heart, their aim would be to raise INR 50 Lakh (

Crowdfunding, 120 tyres & 700 books builds an interactive library for underprivileged kids!

A trio of young, Bangalore based social entrepreneurs, Anthill Creation, Mantra4Change and StoryTime came together and used crowdfunding to build a library for underprivileged kids! This fun and interactive library was built for the Florida School in Goripalya, Bangalore, with old tyres and even the little children stepped in to help. What a splendid way to teach the next generation the responsibility of reusing! This library will change the lives of over 850 children. The crowdfunding campaig

Crowdfunding is now publishing books in India!

How one photographer’s life’s work saw the light of day through crowdfunding! Viren Desai, a well-known photographer spent 25 years following the lives of 22 classical music maestros. He captured their intimate moments, personal lives, collected anecdotes and put it all into a beautiful coffee-table book. Filled with stark, compelling, never before seen images of these legends of music all rolled into one amazing body of work. However, Viren had difficulties getting this book to print and was

A crowdfunded innovation that helps the blind identify currency notes

Can you imagine a device that fits in your pocket, cost INR 2 (USD 3 cents) and ensures that a blind person is never cheated out of money again? This is the power of crowdfunding! The blind are continually cheated out of money. Since the braille markings on notes are practically of little use, blind people are at the mercy of the person that’s conducting the transaction for them and in most cases this is taken advantage of. The plight of the blind was brought to the notice of Paul D’Souza, a Ba

How crowdfunding in India is making farmer’s dreams come true!

Drought hit village builds an 8km water canal thanks to crowdfunding! The Marathwada region of Maharashtra has been at the epicentre of a horrific drought that has lasted for three years. Over 3000 farmers have committed suicide. This is a story about the villagers in one such village – a village called HORTI with 700 farmers & how they used crowdfunding on Fueladream to successfully build a water canal to survive. A NGO called Suryoday approached Fueladream to help these farmers. We rolled ou

How crowdfunding fuelled this innovative electric bike in India

Indian innovations like the SPERO electric bike are seeing the light of day through crowdfunding! Manikandan the brains behind the SPERO eBike spent years developing an eco-friendly, affordable product to impact the green energy vehicle market. However, once the development had been completed and a prototype was ready, he realised that he lacked the capital to actually launch the product into the market. It is at this point that Manikandan, who had heard of crowdfunding approached Fueladream w

Liverpool: A Flash in the Pan or Bad Management?

In 2013/14, they seemed like a club on a mission. Nobody would have doubted the drive they had to finally out the demons of the Premier League to rest and win it. It then all came crashing down in the last three games of the season. The dream suddenly had slipped from their hands. But the worst was yet to come. Liverpool have gone from looking like world beaters to a team of tired players that seem to have no drive at all. Naysayers attributed their success last season to the fact that they did
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